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Web Design Services

Complete Web Design and Implementation Services

The internet is the largest global network - which means that web sites can be reached by millions of viewers worldwide from their computers. Anyone currently owning a business, or who plans to run their own business will eventually find that having a web site on the internet is one of their best marketing choices. Consider it like placing an ad, and then being able to sell your products and/or services at the same place. Not only that, but the internet is open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year, providing support for your customers, even when you are not in your office.

So where does a web site begin and what will you need? First, you’ll want to determine what web design services will best suit your needs. A description of our web development services can be found below:

Custom Website layout and Graphic Design

Unlike some other design firms, we don't utilize the use of templates, unless requested to do so. Our layouts are defined by your current business and suited towards current and future business.


E-Commerce is rapidly growing on the web. The convenience of online purchasing and reduced cost, as compared to brick-and-mortar type businesses, makes this a viable retail solution.

Website Maintenance

Don't want to have anything to do with managing your website? No problem. We will handle any changes that you request. Our quick support will ensure that any minor changes will be updated within 24 hours.

Website Redesigns

Would you like to juice up your old existing site at a reasonable cost? We will first help you to evaluate what the strengths and weaknesses are for your existing web site, and then ensure that your goals and expectations are met in the revision.

Search Engine Optimization

Since search engines are one way that traffic is directed to your site, we optimize your web site by using corresponding keywords that web surfers use in their search.

Rates for Custom Web Design

Standard Website Rates

1st Webpage or Template: $229.00
2-9 pages: $79.00 / page
10-20 pages: $49.00 / page
21+ pages: $24.00 / page

Sample Chart of Rates

1st Webpage or Template: $229.00
5 Page Website $545.00
10 Page Website $910.00
15 Page Website $1155.00
20 Page Website $1400.00

The rates given above, are a guide when purchasing our web-design service. The problem with giving a static price is that all web pages are created differently to suit the different needs of each client. We can ensure you that our prices remain competitive in any of our web development projects.

The price chart merely serves the purpose of giving a rounded estimation for websites created by us. Due to the cost of developing and configuring customized web applications, programming will be charged separately. For a more exact price, we require you to contact us with your project details. This quote is free of charge and places you under no obligation.

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